Data we collect

Privacy policies are often written in a very complicated way. We hate that we know you find that annoying as well. Here's our very simple and honest privacy police. Below is the summary of data we collect from you when you use MyBeekeeper and what we do with it.

Personal information

Your email address, password and first name is collected when you sign up for an account.

What we do with it

We use your email address and password to log you into the system. Your first name is used to greet you on a personal level, because that's just more polite isn't it?

Your email address is used to contact you via email in case your forget your password or to send you system announcements. You can choose to opt out of our occasional email announcements by going to your email preferences in your account settings. If you opt out of email, we'll never send you email announcements.

Hive data

When you create bee yards, hives, inspections and harvests, that data is recorded to our database and is private to you.

What we do with it

The only other person able to read your data is me, Joris - the lead developer of this software. I will never read your data, unless there's a real reason to go into the database in order to solve a technical problem. None of your data will ever be shared with anyone else without your explicit consent.

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