Refer a friend of the bees and get the app for free

Bees never work alone. It's the power of the hive that makes them strong. The same is true for MyBeekeeper. The more beekeepers use MyBeekeeper, the stronger and more intelligent the app gets.

How can I get MyBeekeeper for free?

When you invite your beekeeping friends, you'll automatically receive three months for free in your account whenever one of them upgrades. You can invite as many friends as you like. Log in and click here to invite your friends!

Can I also refer friends through my website or blog?

Yes! When you sign in to MyBeekeeper, you can get your personal URL to share with your friends. For every friend who signs up through your link and upgrades, we will add three free months to your account.

Log in now and click the "Referrals" tab to see your personal referral link.

It's easy to track referrals

When you are logged in, you will see an overview of friends who signed up through you.

Get started now, even right near your hive

Just go to on your computer or smartphone.